Bradford Subud Hall Shipley 

A venue in the heart of West Yorkshire

This beautiful spacious carpeted and light filled hall

is suitable to hire for #community groups, #seminars
#yoga #dance #singing #choir #rehearsals & #events.
The main hall is about 9m x 11 metre big.


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Subud Hall website
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There are about 30 chairs in the premises and some wooden benches.

​We also have one set of table tennis,
a spacious kitchen, new wheelchair accessible toilets,
a garden terrace, and a small upstairs hall


Wheelchair access is via the side entrance.

More info is on photos inside the hall


Best parking is on the other side of Baildon Road, right and left of Angelo's private car park.

You can also park directly in front of the hall on the lawn;

More parking info is on photos around the hall

Location & address  - CONTACT: Howerd 07868 052367 - 

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Greg ​​Nickalos